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The Playschool conforms to the age standard set by the Anchorage School District. This means that children entering the three-year-old class will turn three years old on or before September 1st. Children entering the four-year-old class will turn four years old on or before September 1st. Children who have not fully learned to independently use the toilet cannot be enrolled. Recurring accidents while at school may result in the child's exclusion from the program.

All application forms and fees should be mailed or delivered to the Playschool office at 2222 E. Tudor Road, Anchorage, Alaska 99507. A non-refundable registration fee of $125.00 is required with the application. Questions can be directed to Playschool Staff or an Advisory Council member by calling the Playschool office at 563-7840. During the summer vacation, voice mail messages are returned on a regular basis.

Each year enrollment applications for the next school year are provided to currently enrolled families on February 1. Applications and registration fees must be received for those children by February 15. After the 15th of February, enrollment is then opened to families who are on the wait list. The child will keep his or her spot on the wait list until either he or she is enrolled in a Playschool class or his/her family requests removal from the wait list. After March 15, enrollment is opened to the general public.

Teacher requests can be indicated on the application. We will make every effort to honor teacher requests whenever possible with consideration of class balance in both number and gender. It is our policy that a child's class placement is for the entire year. Special requests for exceptions will be considered by the Director.

The Playschool requests notification if a child will not be attending Playschool after an application has been filed and fees have been paid.

Students who must withdraw due to family emergency and then desire to return will be given priority on the wait list after consideration by the Advisory Council. When class openings become available during the school year, the family of the first child on the wait list will be notified. Once notified, two working days are allowed to complete registration and begin tuition payment, after which time the space will be offered to the next child on the wait list.


Registration packages will be mailed to both returning and new students several weeks before school begins. All of the forms must be completed and brought to registration and orientation. St. Mary's Creative Playschool requires that each child entering the program have documentation of a current physical exam including current vaccination records. Parents whose children are exempt from receiving current vaccinations for medical or religious reasons must file a Physician approved exemption form with the playschool office. This information must be on file before a child can begin Playschool. Any student who might be a contagion risk to the rest of the student body will be asked to leave school until they are cleared to return by a medical professional.

If a family is unable to attend registration and orientation on the designated day, they must notify the Playschool in order to reserve the child's class placement. At the end of the first full week of school, an unclaimed class place will be offered to the first child on the wait list. When a parent and child are unable to attend registration and orientation at the beginning of the year, a parent must attend the child's entire first day of class in order to become familiar with the program, schedule, and staff.




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