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Tuition is $190.00 for 2-day class (3s AM), $235.00 for 3-day (3/4 mix and 4s PM) and $275.00 for 4-day (4s AM) Monthly tuition will be charged even if a child has an extended absence. The first and last month's tuition payments will be collected at registration. These payments are nonrefundable. The last month's tuition payment will be applied to May only and early withdrawal will result in forfeiture of May's tuition amount. SMCP believes early Childhood Education should be available to all families in our community. Our Playschool has provided for several partial scholarships to be made available throughout the year. Anyone interested in this program should contact the Playschool Office as soon as possible.

A 10% tuition discount is offered for a second and/or third child enrolled in the program at the same time. For example, when a child attends a three-day a week class and has a younger sibling in a two day a week class, a 10% percent discount will be offered on the two day per week tuition. For those families who are members of St. Mary's Episcopal Church or who are serving in a Advisory Council Position, a 10% tuition discount is offered for each child attending. The discounts cannot be combined. For example, if a family is already receiving the sibling discount, they will not be eligible to receive the church member discount and vise versa.

Tuition payments are due the 1st of each month. Tuition can be paid Monthly, Annually, or on a Semi- Annual basis. Monthly bills WILL NOT be sent out. Please deliver payments to the locked drop box in the Playschool office or mail them directly to St. Mary's Creative Playschool (2222 E. Tudor Road, Anchorage, Alaska 99507). Payments not received at the Playschool office by the tenth day of the month incur a $15.00 late fee. This fee will accrue on a monthly basis and all payments made will be applied to the outstanding balance. A three month delinquency will result in a Child's exclusion from the program. Checks returned for insufficient funds are assessed a $25.00 service fee. Checks will be resubmitted for payment one time only. If there are insufficient funds to cover payment on the check, only cash in the exact amount or money orders will be acceptable for tuition payments thereafter.

Children are admitted for the full academic year, and monthly tuition is not subject to adjustment due to illness, vacation, or other absence. If withdrawal is necessary, full tuition through the last month of attendance is required. The school office staff should receive at least two weeks written notice of withdrawal. Tuition will continue to be charged until written notice of withdrawal is received. The office or teacher should also be notified if a child would be absent from school for more than one week. If registration is complete and attendance begins after the fifteenth of the month tuition will be prorated. When a child enters the Playschool after March 1st his or her registration fee is waived for the year and half of the materials fee will be charged.




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