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I graduated from East Tennessee State University with a B.S. in Music Education degree (K-12). While my husband was in medical school, I taught music in the Memphis School System for three years until the birth of our daughter, Amy. After moving to Alaska and subsequent births of Andy and Adam, I became the Children's Supervisor (ages 2-5) of Bible Study Fellowship (Anchorage) for six years. Prior to moving to Alaska I had been a children's leader for two years in BSF in Memphis.

In 1996 I began teaching at St. Mary's Creative Playschool as an afternoon four-years-old teacher. I am still at that position. Both of my sons are St. Mary's alumni.

I am also a coach in The Seminar School at Service High School. That is my morning job and I have been a coach in TSS since 1992. I love the combination of high school and preschool.

My Church uses the Godly Play curriculum, which follows a Montessori model and I have been a storyteller and materials coordinator for that program (ages 3-5) for five years.




We help your children develop properly and grow through hands-on learning and fun experiences.

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